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One of the most important factors which can contribute a lot to the property value and buyer’s attraction is the exterior and interior painting and decoration of a house. A unique and elegant colour can help your property to stand out from the rest. Recently estate agents are focusing more on the painting colour and decoration of a property because it can add significantly to your property value. The interior or exterior colour of a property can also represent your unique choices and sense of creativity.

Each house is unique in its decoration and styles. So before a beginning painting of the interior or exterior of your house, you should consider several issues. Firstly you need to decide what mood or theme you would like to implement. You need to decide whether you want cool, warm, bright, cheery or subdued reflective theme. If it is interior painting then you need to consider whether your painting theme matches with your interior design or furniture. For the exterior, you need to take your surrounding colours into considerations as obviously, you don’t want your property to be the very odd or bizarre one in your neighbourhood.

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If you are very confused or finding it difficult than you can take professional help regarding colour selection. Most reputed house painting service companies in Australia work closely with a colour consultant who can relieve your stress of colour selection and can select the colour to make the appearance of your house more appealing.

For the painting, it is better to hire a professional painting service. But nowadays, it is very difficult to find the right company for painting service meeting all your requirements. Before hiring any painting company you should always prefer professionalism than cost-effectiveness. Some companies are out there who are providing very cheap service but provides unprofessional or less trained employees, which can be a disaster for your house appearance.

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You can follow some tips given below before hiring any painting company:

  • A company with vast experience and a diverse portfolio is always better. A professional company always provides well-trained and highly professional staffs.
  • You need to choose a company who is flexible and available at your convenient time. So it is better to select a company with weekend and nighttime availability.
  • Accreditation represents professionalism or quality of service so it is good to hire a company who are accredited by reputed bodies like Dulux or MTA
  • A very important factor is whether the painting company has got insurances like public liability insurance, home warranty insurance, workers compensation insurance and the company must comply with the Health and Safety Compliant.
  • Always provide or encourage the painting company to use good paint ( a reputed brand should be fine) as well as good painting tools.
  •  It is more beneficial to hire a company that works closely with a colour expert.

So it can be concluded that painting your property is not an easy task, you need to plan beforehand and consider several factors like colour selection, hiring right company and cost-effectiveness.

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